Tuesday , June 28 2022
News Update

Australian Capital Branch

President:Dr Saleh Khwaja
Secretary:Dr Imran Ali
Contact Us:aimaact@aimamed.com.au

Eid get together dinner, Friday 20th May

Blood Donation Drive 25th February 2022,

At Canberra Islamic Centre, Gungahlin Mosque and Canberra Mosque.

Mental Health Webinar:

Depression and Anxiety during the COVID19 restrictions

AIMA hosted a free webinar on the 17th of May 2019 . This was a multidisciplinary discussion where all community members were encouraged to ask questions regarding mental health during the COVID-19 restrictions, if they felt comfortable doing so.

Dr Alifya Mutli – Psychiatrist
Dr Ghizala Jafri – Psychologist
Dr Lubna Siddiq – General Practitioner
Dr Tabinda Bajwa – General Practitioner

Live Mental Health / COVID-19 Q & A

2020 Blood Donation Drive

Saving one life is as if saving the whole of Humanity.

Please, come forward and be part of this noble drive and register yourself.

Date: Friday 4th December, 2020

Location: Canberra Islamic Centre, Clive Steel Avenue, Monash, ACT-2904

On November 29th 2019 AIMA partnered with the Australian Red Cross and conducted a blood donation drive with the aim of to improving the rate of Muslim participation in blood donations. The event was a huge success with excellent community reception and response.