Tuesday , May 17 2022
News Update

⭐AIMA Executive Team⭐

President: Muhammad Afzal Kahloon
Vice President: Ashraf Chehata
Vice President : Fatima Ashrafi
Secretary: Muhammad Ashraf
Assist Secretary : Sehr Shah
Assist Secretary : Hamid Halim
Executive Members
Habib Bhurawala
Omer Shareef
Ahmed Saeed Goolam
Muhammad Jehangir
Kalilur Anvardeen
Naimul Islam
Fariha Dip
New Zealand In-Charge :
Muhammad Ibrar Khalid
Australian Capital Territory:
Saleh Khwaja
Imran Ali
New South Wales:
Asif Raza
Northern Territory:
Sufyan Akram
Fatima Ashrafi
Abid majid
South Australia:
Asif Ashraf
M Shakaib rahman
Western Australia:
Nishath Altaf
Kamran Malick
IMG/GP registrar Incharge:
Lubna Siddiq
Newsletter editor:
Ahmed Saeed Goolam
Dr Muhammed Afzal Kahloon

Dr Muhammed Afzal Kahloon
Urologist based in Canberra,Specialising in Laparoscopic and Robotic Oncological Surgery
President AIMA

Ex-Member of Islamic Medical Association of South Africa.

Urologist based in Canberra,Specialising in Laparoscopic and Robotic Oncological Surgery,President Australian Islamic Medical Association
Ex member of Islamic Medical Association of South Africa.

I have done medical charity work under the auspices of Islamic Medical Association of QLD/ Pakistan Medical Association and Federation of Islamic Medical Associations in Africa and Subcontinent. Participated in vesio-vaginal fistula repair camps in Tanzania and several Urological Surgical camps in Pakistan and Kashmir.

Dr Ashraf Chehata

Mr Ashraf Chehata
FRACS (Ortho)
Vice President AIMA

Chehata is a Melbourne Orthopaedic Upper Limb Surgeon with a particular interest in Elbow, Shoulder and Wrist pathology. Ash was born in Essendon and attended Pen Leigh and Essendon Grammar School. He graduated from the University of Tasmania and performed 3 years of his undergraduate medical degree at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. He completed his Orthopaedic Training in Victoria and has undergone further training in shoulder, elbow and wrist injuries whilst on International Fellowships within Europe. He was awarded the Covidien Travelling Fellowship through the Royal College of Surgeons in order to further his subspecialty interest in Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist pathology. Whilst overseas he was able to work alongside the President of the European Shoulder and Elbow Society, Professor Alessandro Castagno and was involved in Kinematic Wrist research and clinical practice at the renowned international centre Institute Kaplan in Barcelona.elona.

Dr Fatima Ashrafi

Dr Fatima Ashrafi

Obstetrician& Gynaecologist

Vice President AIMA (QLD)

Dr Muhammad Ashraf

Dr Muhammad Ashraf
General Secretary AIMA

Muhammad Ashraf has been working as a general surgeon and endoscopist for nearly 2 decades. He has previously been a senior lecturer at the James Cook University School of Medicine and is currently actively involved in the teaching of medical students, junior doctors, and trainee registrars.

Dr Ashraf gained extensive experience in general and trauma surgery in South Africa. He completed his Higher Diploma in Surgery from South Africa and gained a Fellowship from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. He passed his Fellowship from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons with flying colours and has volunteered for many free surgical camps in Pakistan and Kashmir. Muhammad has previously served as the President of the Islamic Society of Mackay and is very active in his regional Australian community, working to improve Islamic advocacy in the area. He is also an executive member of the Islamic Medical Association of Queensland and looks forward to working with the Australian Islamic Medical Association.

Dr Sehr Shah

Dr. Sehr Shah

MBBS., ABFM. MRCGP (Int), FRACGP., MSc (Healthcare Management) Dip Diabetes Mellitus (UK)
Assistant General Secretary AIMA

Enjoys all aspects of Family Practice and has a special interest in Child health, Women’s health, mental health and Chronic Disease management and prevention especially Diabetes Mellitus. With many years of experience as a general practitioner she holds the Board in Family Medicine from Dubai, is a Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, UK. She has also obtained a postgraduate diploma in the management of Diabetes Mellitus from the University of Leicester, UK and an MSc in Healthcare Management (Honours) from the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland. Sehr is a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioner’s and an examiner for the FRACGP exam.

Dr Hamid Halim

Dr Hamid Halim

Assistant General Secretary AIMA

Dr Habib Bhurawala

Dr. Habib Bhurawala


Head of Paediatrics, Nepean Hospital Kingswood, NSW 2747.

Clinical lecture in Paediatrics, Sydney Medical School- Nepean, University of Sydney

Central Committee Member AIMA

Dr Omer Shareef

Dr Omer Shareef

Consultant Neuropsychiatrist
Townsville, QLD

Member Central Committee

Dr Ahmed Saeed Goolam

Dr Ahmed Saeed Goolam

Central Committee Member AIMA

Dr Muhammad Jehangir

Dr Muhammad Jehangir

Member Central Committee

Dr Saleh Khwaja

Dr Saleh Khwaja

Emergency Medicine Registrar Associate

Clinical Skills Tutor at ANU

President AIMA (ACT)

Director AIMA Lifesaver Program

Dr Imran Ali

Dr. Imran Ali

Anaesthetist and Pain management Specialist

General Secretary AIMA (ACT)

Dr Asif Raza

Dr. Asif Raza
Consultant Intensivists and Anaesthetists.

Co-ordinator AIMA (NSW)

Dr Sufyan Akram

Dr Sufyan

AIMA co-ordination (NT)

Dr Sufyan is an educator and researcher with diverse experience of working in medical education across various universities. His clinical background, experience in teaching biomedical sciences, scholarly endeavours in higher education and leadership roles – have all enabled him to contribute to the integrated and innovative models of health professions education.

Dr Abid Majid

Dr. Abid Majid


General Secretary AIMA (QLD)

Dr Majid graduated from Pakistan’s University of Punjab in 1993. Moved to Australia in 2002. He has been working as a General Practitioner since 2004 in Queensland.  He has worked in South Africa before moving to Australia.  Dr Majid had the opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia as well.  He has had the honour of working with Pakistan Islamic Medical Association and Islamic Medical Association of South Africa.

Dr Asif Ashraf

Dr Asif Ashraf


President AIMA (SA)

Dr Muhammad Shakib Rahman

Dr. Muhammad Shakib Rahman


General Secretary AIMA (SA)

Dr Nishath Altaf

Dr. Nishath Altaf

Vascular Surgeon

Vice President AIMA (WA)

Dr Kamran Malick

Dr. Kamran Malick


General Secretary AIMA (WA)

Dr Muhammad Ibrar Khalid

Dr Muhammad Ibrar Khalid

NZ incharge